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Julianne and Shannon’s Wedding Day Celebration

Awesome wedding!

Met up a couple of gals last year, Julianne and Shannon, who were planning a very cool wedding and found my photography as lucky enough to capture their special day.

Krystal and I had met up with Julianne about five years ago, when she was the maid of honor for Conchita and Jonathon’s wedding in Champaign. Every wedding is special and different — and that one had us visiting University of Illinois’s football field for a scrimmage between the groomsmen and bridesmaids. 

This time, we headed out west for a good old fashioned cowboy, er, cowgirl wedding. And I had Cindy as my second photographer instead of Krystal — Krystal is still on her deployment with the Navy over in Africa. 

Not too far west, just Urbana and Willow Creek Farm. Gorgeous and relatively new place for weddings — at least for us! 

Our day started off as we visited Shannon’s and Julianne’s home — with Cindy heading out with Shannon to capture her make-up session. I headed for Julianne to get a few photos of her and her family getting ready.

What’s so cool about this wedding, was two gorgeous wedding gowns! 

And a few gorgeous gals to wear them. 

So, couple of gals, lots of family, special friends, special location — all that is needed for a wedding day. And wedding day it was!

Thought I’d share a few photos from it, better than any words I can craft for it.

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  1. Tim Martin / Todd Williams

    September 5th, 2018 at 6:14 pm

    What beautiful photos. The photos actually brought tears to our old eyes. Todd and I are so happy for both of you. Congratulations!


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