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Advice for our Family Sessions

When . . .

The time of your choosing as long as we have it available. We highly recommend never shooting in the middle or the day (somewhere between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.) due to the harsh lighting. Early in the morning or late in the afternoon works better, if we are working outdoors. If we are indoors, then whatever works best. We can make it work at any time of the day as our gear and know-how allows us to do so,  but if you want a certain background for scenery we might need to visit the location to determine the best time of day.

Family at Weldon Springs
Family at Weldon Springs

Where . . .

We have a few areas parks that we have as standbys, but we are more than open for a location of your choosing, just remember if it is privately-owned, there must be permission in writing to photograph on their land; this includes country clubs, golf courses as well as private farms. We like to work where the family is actually most comfortable – and many times that is your backyard!

What . . . 

Clothing?  With families we highly advise a cohesive look – all wearing the same color shirts/blouses and all wearing the same color pants. Please try to wear something that is not heavily patterned or striped. We find this makes for a better photo. Also, try to avoid very bright whites. Ivory or tan colors work well. Many times a pastel look works well also. And – have someone bring a couple of extra T-shirts in that color. Inevitably, one person forgets and they are the one wearing a bright red that stands out like a sore thumb.

Family photography can always include dad's favorite car.
Family photography can always include dad’s favorite car.

Props?   Yes, props! It’s okay to have personalized props as they can make for great photos: picnic basket, wine glasses, umbrellas, guitars or even the family pet.  We also can work with boats, motorcycles, sport cars, airplanes, four- wheelers, horseback and more.

Ideas?   If you have some thoughts in mind, tell us about them! Bring magazine shots, or postcards or your old family photo.  Just remember the style and lighting may not be possible to reproduce in the location that you are shooting at. But we can still try for something similar, but still unique to you. If you have no ideas, don’t worry, we’re pretty good at coming up with things.

Makeup?   Keep it simple. Be yourselves. Realize that make-up often detracts rather than flatters many people – and I will be doing things like lessening blemishes, wrinkles, bags-under-the-eyes and such as a matter of course.

More Questions. . . 

Is it okay to take our own pictures during this time? Yes, but we don’t advise it. The fact is the lighting and such that we bring many times is what makes the photo. And we hate getting the perfect shot just to have someone in the photo looking toward someone else taking a photo. Plus, it is flat out distracting to have another person trying to take a photo while we work. We don’t want anyone looking the wrong direction while we capture the image.

I hate my smile/how I look?  My goal is that we have fun while taking the pictures, don’t be serious all the time, take a moment and laugh, enjoy!! We’ve been working with people for a long time and one of the things that people just find amazing sometimes is how good they look when we are finished! Fact is, some people just aren’t natural when they smile. Nor do they look natural.

Do we have to put up with our photographer’s strange sense of humor?  Try to be tolerant, he really does think he is humorous . . .

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