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Top Ten Questions a bride should ask her photographer for wedding planning — Part 2

And today, we continue on the Top Ten list of  Questions a Bride Should ask her photographer-to-be? Making your wedding planning easier!

5.  Are you are a member of any associations or groups specific to the industry?
6. Can other people take photos while you are taking photos?
7. Has you worked at my event locations before? How did it work out?

So, let’s take a look at our answers along with why these are good questions.

5.  Are you are a member of any associations or groups specific to the industry?

Yes, we are, and for many reasons. 


A certified photography is one of 2% of professional who have actually qualified to be certified by passing rigorous tests for both knowledge and quality.

When a photographer is a member of an association, he is networking with other professionals and is most likely up-to-date with current trends and styles of photography. Members also have access to continuing education and other resources that non-members do not have. Organizations like Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, Professional Photographers of America or other national groups.

Ed is also a Certified Professional Photographer. He not only has 35 years of experience but has passed a rigorous exam along with a peer review of his work. Only about 2% of those who calls themselves professional photographers in the United States qualify as this. If that seems like a very small group, it is. Many try, many fail. And many are afraid to even try.

He also teaches seminars and taught digital photography for four years at college level. To be able to teach photography you definitely have to be able to understand it.

The national groups not only encourage but heavily promote education. We, on a yearly basis, spend many, many hours learning at seminars, workshops and other professional actions. Photography is constantly changing. We are constantly improving. And pushing ourselves all the time.

6. Can other people take photos while you are taking photos? 

Some photographers can’t stand it. Some don’t care. It may create a conflict on your wedding day if you don’t know and you have a guest who wants to take photos and brings a pro-level camera. No one need any conflicts on your wedding day. It’s definitely not part of the wedding planning.

For us,when doing our formal portrait images of the families or bridal party, we ask that they stay behind us and not do things to distract you, your family or your friends (like saying “look this way so I can snap your photo!”)

Why? Because we are shooting for you! And we want you to have the best possible images.


Professional Photographers of America is one of the industry leaders for photographers nationwide.

We don’t even mind “Uncle Bob” who has spent a good deal of money on his equipment and has been known to get a few decent images. We don’t trust Uncle Bob, however, to get your perfect pictures. Some photographers will not allow you to shoot at that point or they use equipment that does not play well with others (their flashes are set to trigger with just a flash of light — meaning your guests will trigger the flashes and in the process ruin their own images and the photographers. We use wireless systems to control our lighting equipment.)

We also do our best to set it up so no one has to take photos! Your photos go up online (yes, there is a password) so they can see them. We put up a select small group on Facebook right after the wedding. There are two of us shooting, capturing all that we possibly can.

In fact, we became aware of a new trend lately where guests are encouraged to leave their camera devices off so they can actually sit and enjoy the ceremony or reception!!! Brides and grooms have come to realize that watching their ceremony through a 1 by 1 inch LCD screen is not the way to be a part of the event their guests were invited to attend.

7. Has you worked at my event locations before? How did it work out?

Why should this make any difference? For some photographers, they only like to shoot at venues they know well. For others, it makes no difference. Ask!

Our opinion, professional photographers should be able to work anywhere.  We can adopt to any situation (within reason, have not done any underwater weddings yet!)

Our equipment can handle low light, daylight,  night light –  and  we know how to use it. Did this cost us lots? Yep. But, getting that first kiss is important!

Venues change. Church lighting and the light from windows changes. Receptions sometimes have uplighting, sometimes no lighting, sometimes special DJ lighting. It’s not the venue but how well the photographer can adopt to that venue and make sure you are beautiful that’s important. Fact is, I love the challenge of creating something wonderful at each place I shoot so bring on the bad weather, horrible venues and bad lighting!

Kissing by theater

Pretty kiss in the downtown area of Normal by the Illinois State University.

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