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Erin’s Pavilion Wedding Photos // Springfield Wedding Photographer // Liz and Cole

Erin’s Pavilion

We headed out on a Friday afternoon to a pretty, new wedding spot for us – Erin’s Pavilion at Southwinds Park in our capital city of Springfield. The event, rehearsal before wedding day for Cole and Liz. Wow, what an impressive place!  The pavilion’s a very new addition in Springfield’s park district, opening in 2010. The facility, named after Erin Elzea, who passed away at 17 due to an enzyme deficiency. Her father Butch helped by donating money and creativity in erecting the pavilion as an ongoing memorial for his daughter
Before I talk more about the wedding, I have to babble more about the awesome venue Liz and Cole chose!

Open and Inviting

Friday night visit to Erin’s Pavilion was our first. It’s bright, airy and perfect for events. The design of the building and surroundings blend with special features making it both environmentally friendly and beautiful. Water glistens and native flowers grow along with many shrubs. Pathways meander the area along with a few special attractions for children near the pavilion created a whole new attraction. And a few insects buzz around, of course!  Liz and Cole planned and received an outdoor wedding with an indoor reception. But bad weather would not have made a difference as the ceremony could easily move indoors and still feel outdoorsy
The reception hall features huge, gorgeous windows overlooking the lake. Thus creating a perfect backdrop for sunsets (something we definitely used to our advantage!)  Also, many rooms line the building providing small and large spaces of different gatherings. This isn’t just a place for weddings but for many other events, too.
We think it’s one of many perfect wedding spots in Springfield, you can check out more about them at their website, Erin’s Pavilion at Southwinds Park.

Liz and Cole

We’ve worked with Cole’s family for many years — starting with a phone call about taking some photos of him and his sisters, Shanae and Hannah. They wanted a surprise Christmas present for their parents. Since those beginnings, Cole has gone on to being instrumental in his father’s business. He became a candidate and then a member of the Dewitt County Board of Supervisors. He’s now also serving on the Board of Education. 
His sisters Shanae and Hannah merged their talents in horse-riding and became a nationally-known duo of trick-riders in the rodeo world. We captured images of them early on, riding like the wind. If you want to see some really cool things about this duo, check out their website.
So, of course, we were thrilled when we got the call from Cole to capture his wedding with this awesome young lady he had met in the midst of everything. Her name is Liz. And a awesome addition to the family we already knew. She fits in perfectly.


I must mention their son, who played a role in their wedding day. Rocky. We’ve been lucky to get to know him since before he was even born — and working with Liz and Cole on photos of his first year. Complete ham, of course. He had a crazy day, going from arms to arms to arms. You can see some of the photos of the lucky parents and Rocky soon after birth here

Wedding Day Images

Liz and Cole, their families and their guests were a pleasure to work with on this day. You could see everyone thoroughly celebrating their wedding. So, let’s talk about their beautiful day!
It starts off with Liz and her gals at the Comfort Inn and Suites getting ready for the wedding. We found one of Clinton’s hair specialist’s Stephanie Beck Blass of Shear Paradise working on their hair. And she was joined by Shaenae and Hannah — to my surprise! From trick riding to makeup and hair stylists. Wow.
Actually, words won’t do the day justice. How about a few photos instead? 


Liz and Cole's wedding rings as a stylized image by EMC Photography.

Wedding rings for our bride and groom.

The bride, Liz, laughs as Shanae works on her hair in preceremony photos by Ed and Krystal

Liz laughs during her hair and make-up session before plunging into the craziness of a wedding day. Helping her out on her hair is her bridesmaid Shanae.

A bridesmaid laughs as she opens her present from the bride. Image by EMC Photography

Bridesmaid laughs after getting her basket of gifts from Liz.

Liz poses inside of Erin's Pavilion, looking up toward EMC Photography's light in her wedding dress while holding her bouquet

A beautiful bride, Liz poses inside Erin’s Pavilion.

The groom along with his nine groomsmen and ushers sit inside Erin's Pavilion at a table while holding cigars, Krystal took the photos from a chair looking down.

The groom and his men share a moment and with they could light up all those wonderful cigars from Cole.

A flower girl walks down the center aisle and drops red petals as guests watch before the wedding ceremony.

The wind catches a flower-girls flowers as she spreads a few petals.

As the minister along with the bride Liz and her father stand as Cole gets ready to accept the bride from her dad.

A grinning Cole waits for Liz’s father to hand his daughter off to him at the start of the ceremony.

A dramatic landscape portrait of the clouds racing through the sky as Cole and Liz stand at the alter area with their guests watching in the image at Erin's Pavilion.

Blue skies, warm temperature, and some crazy winds marked the beautiful wedding day.

A close-up photo by Ed of EMC Photography as Liz slips Cole's ring onto his finger during the ceremony.

Cole receives his ring from Liz.

A formalist group photo of Cole, his grandmother and his father taken in front of the rear garden at Erin's Pavilion

When you get Grandma together with her son and grandson —  I think she’s kind of proud of her two boys!

A groomsman grins as he hauls some 50 to 100 lbs of bagged sand away from the altar area after the ceremony.

Well, groomsmen are supposed to work and work hard on the wedding day. He is packing off some sandbags used to hold down the trellis in the high winds.

Liz and Cole's son Rocky is sitting in the middle of his wagon, surrounding by wedding flowers and lace.

Rocky makes his appearance for wedding day!

Rocky is held up by a groomsmen as they are pulled into the reception hall during the introductions. Rocky looks baffled as to what is going on while everyone else is grinning.

Liz and Cole’s son Rocky gets to check out all the wedding guests as he is introduced at the reception.

Liz holds onto Cole as they dance a slow dance, completely alone on the floor during the reception at Erin's Pavilion

First dance for Liz and Cole as a married couple on the dance floor at Erin’s Pavilion.

Liz holds her father as they grin widely and dance during the daughter-father dance in a black and white image.

A special dance!

Cole holds his mother during their son-mother dance on a cleared off dance floor just for them.

I think Char is enjoying her dance with her son!

Three very happy and smiling kids hold a bunch of stuffed toys gather during the toy toss.

The teddy bear toss was a perfect hit for the little children attending the reception.

The groom Cole is surrounding by five of his groomsmen as they encourage him to do a good job with the garter removal on the dance floor.

Cole gets a bit of encouragement from his groomsmen before heading into garter territory with his new wife.

 The groom Cole is centered and looking at EMC Photography's camera with the garter belt in his hands, getting ready to shoot it over his shoulder.

Showing off the garter belt.

Two grooms mens try to dance as well as the best man on the left during dancing.

Lordy, they know how to dance!

Cole and Liz hold hands in a close-up shot of their rings.

Rings from wedding day.

Three guests sit and laugh while talking during the reception, surrounded by many mugs.

Guests enjoying themselves during the reception.

Cole snuggles in on Rocky as he and Liz kiss their baby boy

Rocky gets a few kisses from his parents.

Three groomsmen take an iPhone selfie during a break in the dancing, one is wearing a construction hat from having performed the YMCA dance by the Village People.

What’s a reception without a selfie for some of the groomsmen.

The newlyweds gaze at each other during a late night photo near the small lake at Erin's pavilion.

Moments alone on a wedding day are special, we were able to get Cole and Liz alone to share a moment together.

While the sun is setting in the background, two bridesmaids are hugged by a groomsmen, wearing a costume police cap.

Okay, I was pretty much done for the day but . . . well . . . the sky was too perfect to just go home. So we recruited Shanae and Hannah, knowing a narrow wall near water wasn’t a deterrent ..  along with a somewhat tipsy groomsman for a last minute photo.

The newlyweds kiss on a pathway near Erin's Pavilion.

We had a great day with Liz and Cole!  We ended it off with a walk in Erin Pavilion’s pretty park in Springfield.





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  1. Baer says:

    Beautiful, Breath taking Photography and Couple. We are so Proud and Thankful here at Erin’s Pavilion to host the wedding and reception of Cole and Liz. Congratulations!

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