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Who are photographers Ed and Krystal?


Now there’s a question that is just not that easy to narrow down. What’s fascinating it that every person is complex and there is always more than meets the eye.

That probably describes both Ed and Krystal very well.

But, a little info on each of us.


Edvydas “Ed” Cicenas

So, I’m Ed, I’m the artsy-fartsy side of things. I’m a photojournalist by trade and by learning — meaning I like to tell visual stories. I love to capture the moments in life of emotion — joy, happiness, sadness and much, much more. As a photojournalist I started working in the Midwest while still attending Iowa State University, where I was pursuing a degree in science writing. I shot for the university newspaper and the yearbook — as time went on, I ended up working as a stringer first for the Associated Press and then United Press International.

Edvydas or Ed

Edvydas or Ed

I’ve covered the messy world of politics, the fun world of sports, the crazy entertainment world and more. I’ve covered disasters from floods to riots, forest fires to building fires, homicides to traffic accidents. I covered the world of death, destruction and despair while as a newspaper photographer. I call that the triple D of news.

Nowadays, I can happily say I don’t have to shoot that anymore. But the one constant I had between then and now is that I cover people and personalities.


I was asked early on by my Associated Press Photo Editor in Des Moines a very specific question that he made me think about before answering. He wanted wanted me to give a answer that really meant something.  I can say it was the turning point for me — he asked me why I took photos.

And my answer was, in short, that I wanted to capture the emotions of people and show them to the rest of the world. That small concept both narrowed my focus and widened my world. As a photojournalist I wanted to show the grit, the determination, the happiness, the grief, the sadness, exhilaration and so, so much more! By doing that, I could change the world. And — in small ways and large ways — I think I have succeeded beyond what I ever thought would be possible when I was 19 year old at Iowa State University and having to answer that huge question.

It is a question that I continue to teach aspiring photographers. And I’ll write a blog about this whole subject more later.

I continue to personally shoot and teach — I’ve never stopped learning, even after more than 30 years as a photographer. And I believe teaching is another way to keep oneself sharp as a shooter. If you don’t know your skill well enough to teach it, perhaps you don’t know it well enough.

The world is my studio.


Krystal Cicenas

Hi!  I’m Krystal – I’ve been assisting Ed with photography for the past 11 years.  With Ed as more of the artsy side of the house that makes me the steady half – most of the time – Now if you have a preschooler that doesn’t want to play to the camera my silly side comes out – I sing, dance and play – what ever it takes to make a memorable image. During weddings, I work with the timeline, the must have family photos and pay attention to the small details in addition to photographing a different view, with family sessions I assist with posing and lighting as needed, and sometimes take the camera as well.



I work outside of photography and I have a position in the US Navy Reserves, I am active in our community and love working events around town such as the Easter Egg hunt on the square, Halloween photos & working at the Haunted house, setting up the Christmas parade and handing out candy with the AmVets.  But my joy is getting that great expression from the person we are photographing.  I love photographing the small children and animals, capturing a moment in time.

Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember it, My great uncle photographed my parents wedding, and he took the time to take an image of me in my yellow dress standing behind a hanging table that held a piece of glass at the age of two.  This photograph is still hanging on my mothers wall and it’s my first memory of a photograph.

I was the pre-teen that would set up my cousins for a photograph and make my grandmother come in and take a photo of us, I got my first “real camera” in 5th or so grade – a 110 instamatic – I spent my allowance on film and developing it.   I’ve always been excited about capturing moments, and this is something that I hold onto to today, I want to be able to capture moments in time for others to enjoy for years to come.



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