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We’re back!

Hi! We’re back! We took a very long time off from doing a blog — too much to do and not enough time.

Not an unusual scene in life.

Of course, we also figure this should be a good resolution for the New Year of 2016! Of course, our goal was to launch on January 1 — but it took a bit longer to get everything I wanted and to make sure it would work smoothly.

We’ve been working on reorganizing and putting some sanity into our Blog — and hope you enjoy it!

Image of Ed and Krystal framed

Krystal and Ed of EMC Photography

A fantastic gentleman by the name of Skip Cohen (the current President of Skip Cohen University (SCU), founder of Marketing Essentials International and past president of Rangefinder Publishing and WPPI. He is also past president for Hasselblad USA.  He is active with photography education and has authored at least six books) has said time and time again that a photographer’s blog is their soul.

Hate to say it, but sometimes in the pursuit of business it is very easy to forget the soul of what this is all about.

So — we’re going to highlight many different things from our different photography projects and assignments, from some of our teaching and lectures that we do in and around Clinton, bring back some of our advice pages and much more. We’ll be reprinting some of our most popular blog pieces that we did a long time ago on a now defunct site.

We’ll feature some of the photos from some of our shoots here — so you can better view the images than any Facebook, Instagram or other social media display. Of course, we’ll continue to post to those site and link to them from our blog. If you want to keep informed when we post new things, please subscribe to our site by filling out the link at the right to this post.

We hope you enjoy!




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