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Andi and Eric are getting ready for their first with maternity photos!

Andi has a bit of glow about her while waiting for their first child.

Andi has a bit of glow about her while waiting for their first child.

There is something so cool about awaiting a new baby that I have to find something cool to do with mom. And Andi, one of our brides from a few years back, allowed me play with light, stairs and a bit of material to celebrate her maternity.

This is the moment before the moment. . . first child is to arrive in their lives, and it is a special moment for just the two of them.

We joined them in their home to photograph the moments, and will see them again in a month with their new addition!

Needless to say, we don’t forget about dad and have him in a few the of shots. Congratulations to this super couple, we can’t wait for the new arrival!

From celebrating their engagement to their wedding day, extended family sessions at the farm to the celebration of maternity and next month the baby. Capturing moments in life are what we enjoy the most!

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Eric and Andi hold the belly, hoping for a bit of activity from their child!


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