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Welcome to baby Rockwell!

We have been blessed this past year with the number of families and newborn we have been able to photograph!

Now, frog’s aren’t normally the first choice of baby gifts, but because Rockwell was one of the lucky few that were born on leap day the hospital gifted frogs to welcome the leaps!  They also had a bear, but he is for another day. He and his parents made the front page of the Bloomington Pantagraph!

Krystal was able to get her “baby fix” by holding him during background changes and he complied by being sweet.  One thing we ask the family is to raise the heat in the house; if they want the naked baby photos the room has to be warm. Dad and grandma were saying how hot it was and the dog was trying to find a cooler place in the house during the session but our little newborn was comfortable.  Grandma was holding him in a pajama outfit and a blanket, so transitioning to just a diaper took a few minutes.

We have known Cole and his family for a few years now, from the time he and his sisters needed a photograph for his parents for Christmas.   We then photographed his sisters with their horses and even Hannah’s senior photos! It was a joy to be apart of this chapter in his life and holding his newborn.

Liz is an amazing woman, and seeing her with her son brought a smile to my face. Having her hold him and able to look down at him in his mothers arm’s you can feel the love.

Now we are primarily lifestyle photographers, some babies want to squish up and others want to stretch out so posing depends on how the little one feels that day.  Rockwell wanted to stretch and move during our session. Our images were based around how he was that day, a day in the life of a newborn is our first session with the little one.

Now sometimes even babies have enough!   As we were changing out lens he pulled his hands up to his face and covered his eyes!  I love how as small as they are they are already their own person and have their own opinion.

Cole looks at Rockwell with a bit of love!

Liz looks down at her newly arrived son.

Rockwell hides from the camera, having had enough photos taken!


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