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Watching and shooting Tour DeWitt 2016

Tour Dewitt 2016 attracted nearly 200 riders once again, taking advantage of a beautiful summer morning to tour the countryside of Dewitt County. The mix of riders from Clinton, Decatur, Champaign, Bloomington and other area cities had choices of nine, 20, 40 or 62 mile-long routes beginning and ending at Clinton’s United Methodist Church. As usual, the tour was raising funds for a charity — the¬†McLean County Child Protection Network, providing¬†services to McLean, DeWitt and Livingston counties. Much needed in a state where a balanced budget does not seem possible and programs are closing.

Naturally, I headed out early in the morning (no, I did not get the worm — I wasn’t that early!) and found cool places along the 40 and 62 mile routes to shoot. The majority of the images were captured near North Fork (of Clinton Lake) and some were south of the power plant.

Huge thanks to Steve Loeb and his cast of volunteers at once again, pulling off this amazing feat.

And, also naturally, I have more than a few photos to show off so I hope you enjoy them! And let me know in the comments if you know any of these folks. Neat event!


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  1. Kevin says:

    Very nice shots! I do remember seeing you out there but guess I didn’t make the cut lol. Hopefully next year.

  2. Karol Young says:

    It was a great day for a bike ride. Well organized ride, great volunteers & sag. Can’t waitvto do it next year.

  3. Stewart Waltner says:

    Stewart Waltner is the rider with reflective vest in picture 25 and 37


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