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A little matter of love!

Just a normal, everyday bridal show. Folks talking to wedding vendors. We were meeting with lots of brides (and a few grooms) when this guy suddenly yelled “Krystal” and proceeded to give Krystal a big hug.

Now, as a matter of course, this is not unusual for us. But usually I recognize the person — at least a little. Nope.

It was pretty obvious he knew Krystal and one of the first things I think I heard him say was we have to shoot his wedding.

Needless to say, this combination got my attention.

And so you have it, how I meet Luke and Kendra. Luke knew Krystal from his days with the Navy and, after both of them had a chance to view some of our work, I found myself booking them for their special day.

Fast forward a few months and I met up with them at Allerton Park & Retreat Center near Monticello. Of course, the first set of images had Luke decked out in his Navy uniform. Which gave rise to the most unusual thing I’ve had happen on an engagement shoot. And I’ve had a few crazy things happen! But not like this one.

A car was passing by when suddenly the driver stopped, got out and came over to us.

No one was recognized him but he went over to shake Luke’s hand and thank him for his service to the country. And even gave him a small monetary tip to take his bride out. Needless to say, grin’s all around.

And a completely surprised Luke made the perfect comment, “I’ve never had anyone do that before!’

Not something you see happen every day — but I kind of figure it is a very good sign for the couple.

Complete strangers recognize they are a couple, in love and getting married.


Of course, we then went off into the craziness of an engagement shoot. Of course, this being summer, it was hot, muggy and miserable but lots of fun!

And we thought we’d share a few images of this wonderful couple!

Also, a big, huge thank you to Kendra’s parents who came along to help with the shoot! We had a lot to do in a little time frame and I think we got some wonderful images.

A matter of love!

Luke knows well that one of his important jobs is to be sure his bride smiles!


Luke with his bride

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Just a little walk!

Kendra and Luke pose while on a visit to Allerton Park for engagement photos!


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  1. Charlene says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Vibrant! The rich colors and the true love and happiness the couple shares is so well expressed through the photographer’s skill. The best I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait for the entire shoot to be published. Also, loved the narrative about how you came to know Luke and Kendra. 🙂


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