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Went out hunting and bagged a mate!

Folks meet and fall in love all the time. Over dinner, movies, ski trips, hunting trips and much more. We’re looking forward to working with Kylie and Cody later this year on their wedding day but wanted to share a bit more of an unusual engagement shoot as they pulled out their gear for a shoot. And not the kind of shoot that I’m used to talking about.

This one involved rifles and not cameras. And just a few duck calls.

One of the things I thoroughly enjoy in photography is learning about new things. A camera has been a way into seeing another world for me since I was little. I will easily say early on that I know very little about hunting or fishing. It’s never been my thing.

So when I saw Cody putting a necklace on that seemed to be nothing that whistles, I was fascinated. He had custom made whistles of all the different kinds of ducks — all made by one person. I remember photographing a friend working on his bird-calls — Jeff Embry of Peoria — who also sells them. And it never occurred to me that there would be all kinds of calls made just for ducks. And the calls would be specific to a certain type of duck.

And — then I saw a pink rifle! Wow! Cool! Never have seen one like it. Of course, when I shared my discovery my wife Krystal, she kind of kind of gave me this look of my having been raised under a rock. Appropriate — she told me that there are many pink guns around. And other colors. And to keep in mind that hunters when seeking their prey often wear bright orange garb to keep themselves visible to other hunters. This is why I love my wife, she keeps me up to date with things that I never would have even thought about.

Okay, back to our wedding couple. Instead of throwing down more words, I think I’ll just share some of the photos from our engagement shoot with them.



A lovely bride, Kylie.

Kylie takes aim

Tools of the duck hunting trade, with what suspiciously looks like a engagement ring, too!

Cody is on the hunt!

Cody takes aim!

Cody and Kylie strolling along

Time out for a little kiss!

The hunt is over!

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