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Playing at Robert Allerton Park

There are many nice and beautiful places to shoot photos — but among my favorites happens to be Robert Allerton Park in Monticello. And Katherine and Jack had not been there in a while so it seemed like the perfect place to go for their engagement photos. And it was!

From the beautiful grounds, to the woods and all the way to the mansion itself we had no problems finding lots of places to see these two love-birds enjoying themselves.

Plus, these two were so easy to work with that it was crazy! Easy to lose track of time when working, well, for me at least.

We’re thrilled to be shooting their wedding next year — and just as thrilled to have some cool photos of them from┬átheir engagement.

Katherine and Jack engaged

Katherine and Jack gaze into each other’s eyes across the lake from the mansion.

Katherine and Jack Engaged

Just a little kid while walking along one of the many Allerton Park paths.

Dance! Dance like no one is watching! Twirl, whirl and just have fun!

Just a bit of a dip and kiss!

Beautiful evening near the koi pond at the mansion.


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